Bad Quality Service of Life Tour Travel Agent


This is the tour quality service which Life Tour offered ~


We entrusted Manager Shih, Life Tour Travel Agent to organize 6 days (5 nights) Japan's Kyushu Journey which cost NT$42,000/person and some of our group member are even paid NT$52,000 for single room upgrading.

But we experienced such low quality services including lodging, meals as well as tour bus arrangements as indicated below which are our claims for the facts of deliberate fraud made by Life Tour.  



  Life Tour agree to reserve Canal City Fukuoka Washington Hotel (short by Canal) on our tour plan as requested in the beginning but changed to Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk right before we were leaving for Japan. According to Life Tour, Canal only accepts individual guest. But we did find out the explanation Life Tour provided is not true and Canal indicated they welcome group reservation indeed.



We also asked no taking off the shoes requirement or slippers and ground seat arrangement while dining as most of our group members are elderly. The tour manager as well as Life Tour did not actively handle and improve the circumstances and situations when mentioned conditions occurred.


According to Life Tour, our dining standard/budget is ¥3,000 or above. But we found out there are no serving dishes difference or even worse compared with the other group tour with lower travel expense next table. If this is the case, why should we pay for higher dining budget to begin with.



We emphasized and claimed to stay in upscale restaurants which are closer to the downtown or business district area for lodging arrangement originally.  However, most of the hotels we stayed are located in suburban area, and which facilities are dilapidated or worn out, not even mentioned it usually took us more than two hours driving distance to get to those hotels during this trip. More even, it is easy for us to find cockroach appeared in the room. We are surprised Life Tour would cheat consumers in such a way and forgot the tour expense is such transparent on website nowadays.


 There was Hotel Kyocera arranged during our journey according to the agreement but Life Tour try to change it to poor quality one - International Golf Resort Kyocera instead right before we are leaving for Japan.  Life Tour did not follow the agreement of travel plan and its cunning trick to provide lower quality service defectively charge for high price should be blamed for dishonest in terms of cheating its customers.


  As clearly stated in the travel plan to provide five starts hotels stay during this trip but we found out ホテル龍登園 (Hotel Ryutouen) is not considered as five stars hotel but an old style one instead but Life Tour found us a even worst hotel hizenyaha, in which you can find cockroaches appeared in such old rooms easily.


 Since there is a group member who is mobility limitation and need to sit in the wheelchair, we particularly required for an accessible tour bus arrangement in this whole trip. Unfortunately, Life Tour did not react aggressively and delayed our tour schedule badly as our group could not get on the tour bus smoothly after landing in the airport.


Below are several pictures showed some of the facts for poor quality of our 5 days Japan tour arranged by Life Tour Travel Agent from 10/12 to 10//17




¥3000 Dining Set Most of the Dishes Are Pickles    



Dirty Environment of the Hotel Cockroaches in the Room



Cockroaches Are all over the Rooms in Hotel Hizenyaha



Spider Silks in the Unclean Room of the International Golf Resort Kyocera



Worn Out Pillars Shown Found in the International Golf Resort Kyocera



One of Our Member’s Hand Was Hurt by the Broken Furniture Shown.



Shabby Curtain and Broken Interior Design



Dirt and Stains on the Floor






Old and Broken Furniture of Interior Design in the Hotel



Interior Design of Rusted Decorations in the Hotel Lobby.



Disgusting Yellow Stains found in the Sanitary Equipment of Hotel



Yellow Stains and Water Stains Found on the old Sanitary Equipments